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Commercial Insurance in Pennsylvania

Operating a business in Pennsylvania with a physical presence usually comes with state requirements for commercial insurance coverage. The type of business you operate dictates the kind of insurance policy you'll need to protect your assets and operations. At Waller Insurance Agency in Lancaster, PA, we are familiar with commercial policies, what they do and don't cover, and how they help your business and employees when an adverse event happens. Here's a look at some of our commercial insurance policies.

Why Businesses in Pennsylvania Need Insurance

Owning and operating a business of any kind takes you into a whole new world of responsibility. You are representing your brand, services, and products for people to buy, utilize, and enjoy. In order to deliver your product or services, you need to operate out of your home or an off-site location, maybe utilize commercial vehicles, and manage employees. The state of Pennsylvania does require that businesses with employees have to carry workman's compensation insurance and have commercial vehicle coverage if the company owns vehicles but does not make carrying commercial liability insurance mandatory.

Putting Together a Package of Commercial Insurance Policies

Your business may not need every type of commercial insurance available. Although, there is always the option to put together an insurance policy package that provides coverage for specific contingencies, then add in a commercial umbrella policy that provides extra coverage across all policies. Contact our insurance agency to talk to an agent and learn more about how we can put together a commercial insurance policy package for your business.

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