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Life Insurance in Pennsylvania

No one wants to neglect their family's financial future. That's why getting life insurance is one of the most important ways to protect a family. Without life insurance in place, when the worst happens, it can spell disaster for the entire family.

Pennsylvania regulates life insurance policies to ensure that they are as helpful to the insured as possible. We fully comply with all Pennsylvania regulations so that you receive a high-quality, valuable life insurance policy.

According to Pennsylvania law, all of the risks in the policy are assumed by the insurer. That means we will give you a policy that places the financial risk squarely on us- not you. And if your policy is a variable life policy, we are required to analyze the policy each year and make any needed changes. If your policy is a scheduled premium type, you are guaranteed to receive at least the amount that was initially given on the policy as applied to the base benefit.

If you are ready to get life insurance, ensure that you know exactly how much you need. Determining the amount of the policy should take into account your income, your savings, your debts, and your family's standard of living. Not getting enough life insurance can spell disaster for those left behind. According to some estimates, getting a policy of up to 10 times your current income may be needed to keep a family going, though your family's needs may be different.

If you want to make sure your family is financially taken care of down the road, call Waller Insurance Agency in Lancaster, PA to get a quote. There is no obligation to get your own personalized quote. It's also a great time to discuss how much insurance you may need, and which policy type may be best for your circumstances.


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