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Renters Insurance in Pennsylvania

Renters in Pennsylvania face a stark reality when they suffer fires, storms, break-ins, or if a guest suffers an accident on their premises. Your landlord's insurance policy doesn't protect you from liability and won't cover your stuff. The state of Pennsylvania doesn't require renters to carry renters insurance. Still, there are several reasons Waller Insurance Agency in Lancaster, PA wants you to know that it's an excellent idea:

  • Renters insurance covers theft - Maybe you don't have a lot of possessions in your apartment, but do you want to dig into your savings if your laptop is stolen? If someone helps themselves to your wardrobe, watches, or jewelry? The few dollars a month you will spend on renters insurance can save you from a significant financial setback in the event of a burglary.
  • Renters insurance covers fire - A fire in your building can destroy everything you own in minutes. But a kitchen fire can ruin everything in your apartment just as fast — and you may owe your landlord damages if the fire was your fault. Renters insurance can pay the damages caused by the fire and provide you with a place to stay while your apartment or home is being repaired.
  • Renters insurance protects your guests - Injuries occur even in tiny apartments. Your friend slips on your floor and breaks a toe or your cat claws your houseguest enough to need stitches. Renters insurance covers medical expenses and other costs arising from accidents to your guests.
  • Renters insurance covers other potentially costly events - If your upstairs neighbor lets the bathtub overflow and the ceiling crashes down on your gaming console, you're covered. If a power surge fries your electronics, you are covered. Or if your diamond ring falls into the garbage disposal, you are covered.

Renters insurance covers the cost of replacing property (although there may be limits on jewelry and electronics you will need to discuss with your insurance agent). Ask your agent about coverage for the replacement cost of the property you want to insure.

Renters insurance covers losses to your personal property even when you are away from home. Your agent may be able to bundle renters insurance with your auto insurance for greater savings.

Waller Insurance Agency in Lancaster, PA is your full-service source for renters insurance. We're here to serve all of your insurance needs! Contact our office to get started with a quote.


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