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Umbrella Insurance in Pennsylvania

If you live in Pennsylvania, umbrella insurance can be a way for you to get the additional protection you need in the case of a liability concern. Not everyone goes so far as to have this coverage, but it can be the only way for you to account for limits on your current policies. Waller Insurance Agency is here to help you understand this type of policy and why it's so often associated with rainy days.

Giving You More Options

There are many liability protections under your current policies. If a pedestrian is injured due to an error you made on the road, or a mailman injures themselves due to a poorly salted walkway, your insurance was built for incidents precisely like these. But the problem is that those protections are not unlimited.

An insurance company will cover only up to a certain amount before the rest becomes your responsibility. For many people in Pennsylvania, those limits are enough to cover the financial ramifications of the events. But for others, they need additional funds to put towards the bills, and this is where umbrella insurance comes into play. You'll only use it after your other policies have been exhausted.

Waller Insurance Agency Can Help

Some professionals or community members are simply more likely to be sued than others. Those with a lot of resources may be seen as targets by certain individuals. Umbrella insurance not only gives you more options should you decide to fight or settle the claim, but it can also give you ways in which to protect your reputation.

If you're looking for more information about how people in Pennsylvania can cover themselves in a worst-case scenario, Waller Insurance Agency is here to help you fill in the blanks. Give us a call or visit our office in Lancaster, PA today to discuss how these policies are structured or to get a quote.


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